Inverta Push Clamp


  • Inverta Push Clamp is used in factory or warehouse of such as cement, chemical chips, sugar, fertilizer, grain. When they are put into container, you can take pallet back.

  • Taking your pallets back with an Inverta Push Clamp. You don't have to buy pallets any more when you send your products. Pallets are always belong to you. Shipping and loading your products into container or on truck, you can save your time and money. It is more 10 times faster than normal forklift and human.


Bottom forks are inserted in pallet. Load is clamped against upper forks. Side stabilizer engages load to secure it for rotation. As truck moves to load-out point, Inverta Push turns 180° so pallet is on top of load. The pallet is now on bottom. Forks lift pallet off load. Operator pushes off and backs away simultaneously.

  1. Mast carriage up-down

  2. Mast carriage tilting

  3. Side shifting

  4. Push-pull

  5. Pallet fork up-down

  6. Rotating


  • We have two models as below;

  • Model No. 18EPA-018 should be installed on minimum 3.5 tons forklift. Model No. BIP25A-01B should be installed on minimum 4.5 tons forklift.

  • Inverta Push Clamp needs strong hydraulic power, compared with other clamps. So hydraulic oil cooler(fan) should be installed on forklift.

Hydraulic oil Cooler

Special Control Lever


Inverter Push Clamp attachment